Vivo launched World’s First in-display Fingerprint Sensor Phone

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Vivo unveiled a Smartphone with Fingerprint Sensor embedded inside Screen in CES 2018:

There is a huge competition between Samsung and other phone manufacturers to move away from the fingerprint scanner to unlock phones. Apple had tried to put such features into iPhone X priced at $999 but was unable to reach upto the mark on time and came up with the facial recognition in it. Vivo could be the first manufacturer to put forward the fingerprint sensor embedded on display in its next phone. This was showed off on January 10, 2018.

Faster PHP Cloud HostingAccording to IDC QI 2017 Tracker, Vivo is one of the top five smartphone vendors around the world. And Vivo’s recent success in India seem to ranked third in India. The fingerprint sensor embedded inside the screen has rejection rate of about 2% and a false acceptance rate of 1% in 50,000, both typical for the industry. Earlier this week, Synaptics announced with vivo that it will improve further on the smartphones UI experience and was responsible to handle the touch input on millions of laptop trackpads and smartphone screens.

Vivo’s decision to move with Synaptics was like a blow to Qualcomm. This week, Vivo presented a Qualcomm powered fingerprint sensor display demo, but it was claimed to be slow.

How it work’s ?

The fingerprint sensor will work by one touch of finger, high quality optical scanning through the display will be done. Moorhead said that the sensor is “fast and simple”. On other hand, Synaptics claimed that the sensor is twice as fast as 3D facial recognition like Apple’s Face ID. Registering the fingerprint works on the same way as that of on a phone with a regular fingerprint sensor. The unlocking works well quickly as long as you place your finger over the fingerprint icon.

Now lets see what other brands like Xiaomi , Moto , Samsung , Apple are doing to retain  their fan base and customers .

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