TikTok banned : Ordered by the Supreme Court of India

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The Supreme Court had asked the High Court of Madras to decide the ban of TikTok by tomorrow. The Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi had said that if the High Court of Madras will not be able to decide it, then it will be declared as banned by the Supreme Court. Earlier, the High Court of Madras had refused the ban of TikTok. This have led to pornographic contents to be posted on the application.


Image result for tiktok ban in indiaThe Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhv, on behalf of Bytedance, has said that more than billions of people had downloaded TikTok on their mobiles. He also claimed that the Supreme Court was about to put the order of TikTok ban without any hearing. On 3 April, the High Court of Madras took over the charge on the complaints that are done against TikTok. The complaints had raised an awareness towards the pornographic contents that are being posted on the app. The media was said not to telecast the vedios that are being posted. Only the users would be allowed to make the vedios and share them according to their needs.

The government was asked on the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act in the US to take some step against it and the hearing was dated on 16 April. It is said that the app have became a bad influencer for the children because of the pornographical contents in Tiktok. The ban of the mobile application will led to a great loss more than $1,00,000  for this Chinese app. The directors of the app had claimed that they could solve the problems by their own. By this, the complete social media industry is aware of the contents in them. They can also be further regulated by the court.


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