Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite is set to Launch Next Year

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite is rumored to be a more reasonably priced Galaxy Fold version. Next year will be released Samsung’s Lite version of the Galaxy Fold, according to a study from a South Korean website, which is said to cost roughly 1 million KRW (roughly 62,800 $833). The report does not contain any details about the rumored Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite specifications but states that it should be unveiled on 5 August this year.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The rumored device was scheduled for release at the virtual Unpacked Samsung event on August 5, but apparently was postponed for the next year, according to a Viva100 survey. It says the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite was marketed at KRW 1 million (roughly Rs. 62.800), so that the new Galaxy Fold, at Rs. 1.62 lakh (Amazon), will be a little cheaper than the current one. No official confirmation has been received by the company and only telephone leaks appear online.

Importantly, Samsung will delete some of the functions present on the Galaxy Fold when the KRW 1 million price tag proves true. Lite is said to have a combination of 201 865 SoC and 256 GB onboard storage components in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The outer second screen is said to be smaller than the Galaxy Fold, more like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The rumored Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite may cost $1099 (approximately Rs. 83,000) a little more than that which we have seen in this latest article, according to the previous study.

Samsung has no information on the Galaxy Fold Lite or its affordability as of now. Moreover, in aspects of its dates, the disassembled event is not confirmed by the company. Nevertheless, one of the event’s most important features is that it will announce the Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 5 G, and the Galaxy Note 20. In addition, in October, the Galaxy S20 is said to start with a ‘Lite’ or Founder’s Edition. It is anticipated that some internal products will be retained and the price of its last year Samsung Galaxy S10e will be lower.

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