Samsung announces the coming of 6G by 2028

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Samsung Research has published a report that lays out a road-map of 6G technology as businesses move towards building infrastructure and introducing 5G technology on a commercial basis. Samsung said in its document that, if the general pattern of communication networks and their new technologies is to be observed, 6G technology will fairly be able to meet 5G’s needs and expectations.


The paper details the numerous mega trends leading the technology to 6 G growth. The article says that wireless communication technologies have now expanded from human interaction to networking and have become part of social infrastructure and the everyday lives of people. In addition, the exponential growth in the wireless technology market, the papers says, would be significant changes for technological advancements like Artificial Intelligency (AI), automation, and robotic engineering. It then identified four mega trends leading to 6G connected machines, AIs for wireless communication, mobile accessibility, and an advanced position to achieving social objectives.

In its report, Samsung Research provided a preliminary time-frame for the introduction of 6 G technology based on previous patterns. The paper says that many generations of 2G to 5G mobile communication networks have grown every ten years. The paper added that the amount of time spent on the production of vision and technical standard for 5 G decreased from 15 years for 3 G to 8 years due to the rapid change of technology and the increasing market need for mobile communications.

The paper therefore assumes that work on the development of technical specifications and the concept of vision can be begun next year and that the 6G standard can be completed by 2028 and that earliest marketing can occur. It also anticipates mass marketing around 2030. Samsung Research concluded by saying that while it’s necessary to ensure that 5G has a massive success, it figured the time to start planning for the 6G mobile communication network was the right one.

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