PUBG has been banned in VIT: Asked to play kabadi and hollow

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A week ago, Associated Management of a private secondary school in Karnataka had issued an advisory in which the parents were asked to keep an eye on their children how many hours they play online. PUBG mobile games in India are becoming increasingly popular and it has become number one mobile gaming app. Craze is so much that, There is no news when people’s mobile data is ending. 

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But this step of Vellore Institute of Technology will look strange to you. Indeed, VIT has put a ban on playing PUBG in his campus. An email statement has been sent to all the hostels, in which the Chief of Wards of VIT has written, “Some students are playing online games like PUBG and they have come to our notice. It is not allowed. In spite of repeated ban, hostels are violating the rules by playing online games, so that the roommates who live with them are in trouble. This is spoiling the entire hostel environment.

Any kind of online game and betting in VIT is totally prohibited. Therefore, the violators will be dealt with strictly under the VIT Code of Connect. Students should give priority to playing physical games or their careers’. Significantly, PUBG is online and it is multiplayer too. Many people can join this together and can not run it without internet. This game was first brought to the computer, then it was not popular in India. As soon as the company brought it for mobile, the speed in India has become more popular.


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