Pirated or Cracked Software Vs Paid Software choose wisely

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Pirated Software Vs Paid Software  :

Advantages of Pirated Software :

  1. It will come free of cost or cheaper than Genuine version and will save your money .
  2. It will be easy to get pirated software easily online and offline .
  3. It is for those peoples who can’t afford to buy genuine copy .
  4. It is easily available or it comes in bundle with other software .
  5. You can not trust on pirated softwares as they may copy your personal information and sell it to some fraud .

Advantages of Paid Software :

  1. It will never come free of cost and it is normally costly than pirated copy .
  2. It will be not be easy to get paid software easily online and offline .
  3. It is for those peoples who are professionals and choose to buy  .
  4. It will be available on their own websites and some authorized distributors .
  5. Paid software are loyal to their users and these software will never affect your privacy .

Which to Choose ?

When comes to buying a Software we people think twice , and try to get it free of cost from some unauthorized source. These source are not eligible to distribute the copies of softwares. These sources will add some extra bundle of fake software in the package and by doing piracy they will create keys of the softwares and then distribute these softwares.

There are so many websites which promotes piracy because they earn from these pirated softwares . But these Websites are not safe to browse , they fake their users . ie, if you search for some pirated games they will give you some other softwares in the name of that game and this thing is extremely dangerous . As these softwares steal your personal data and sell to other frauds . Website like Torrent are the example for these type of websites  , Because of only Torrent was blocked by Govt. of many countries including India .

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