Like Captain Virat Kohli, your website may also be hack: Keep these things in mind

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New Delhi (Tech Desk) Virat Kohli’s website has been hacked by the three cricketers of the Indian cricket team. According to media reports, Kohli’s website has been hacked by a Bangladeshi hackers group. According to a Bangladeshi newspaper, hackers have described themselves as members of Cyber ​​Security and Intelligence (CSI) Group. According to the hacking group, hacking the website of Virat is not meant to insult the Indians.

Hackers wrote this message:
After backing Kohli’s website, hackers wrote a message, “Dear ICC, Cricket Gentleman is not a game, do not have equal rights to every team, the ICC should tell us how Liton Das is out? If the ICC did not ask for the written apology in front of the whole world and did not take any action against the umpire, then they would continue to hack such sites.

Hacked because of this:
Let us know that Bangladeshi opener Liton Das made a fabulous century in the recently concluded Asia Cup final. With the help of which the final ball was decided in the final played between Bangladesh and India and India managed to win this match by three wickets. If you also want your social media account or website not to be hacked, then you have to take care of these things.

Most data thefts or hacking events are executed because of the unsafe network. If your network is insecure then hackers can easily penetrate your network. In recent days, mobile technology has been very good, due to which it has become easy for hackers to crack data. If you lock your network, then there will be a permit for any kind of data exchange. Due to which the hackers may have difficulty to crack the data. Keep your Wi-Fi and data network locked so that the possibilities of data hacking can be avoided.

One way to save data is also to encrypt your important data. Let us tell you that encryption is not intended, but it is one of the best ways to keep data safe. Using encryption at different points of your network, data loss during the transfer of the data and the exchange makes your information well secure.

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