iPhone SE could be purchased on Flipkart sale for less than Rs 20,000

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There would be no better time than this if you have wanted to buy an Apple iPhone. The iPhone SE 2020 is available for as small Rs 25,000 on a Flipkart sale, but if you have an old phone for business you can get it for under Rs 20,000. Don’t you really trust us? Read on to know that. Read on to know.

For Flipkart Plus owners, the selling of Flipkart Big Billion Days has already gone live with unbelievable iPhone deals. For RS 25,999 on Flipkart, almost half the official price of the iPhone SE 2020 is sold. This is never seen before, if you have an old phone, it gets sweeter.

For instance, you will get roughly Rs 5850 for your old iPhone 6s if you have an old iPhone 6s that will upgrade to an iPhone SE, taking the cost down to Rs 20,149. If you have a credit card from SBI, you can receive a 10% discount in this case, which allows you to receive an extra 2014 Rs discount. The price now falls to Rs 18,135.

Likewise you will get about 4900 for your old computer if you have a Redmi 7. You can also reduce the price to Rs 21,000 with your SBI credit / debit card. Notably, up to Rs 1200 on an SBI debit card and Rs 1750 on sale via SBI credit card is available from Flipkart.

Do not forget to enter your old smartphone’s IMEI number because it is your device’s exact value. Make sure your system works and that there are no cracks on the panel. You must pay the difference by card or by cash to retain your new phone if you can not send an undamage device.

The best deal Flipkart offers is at this price point Apple iPhone SE. A13 Bionic chipset, one of the quickest processors on the market, and a camera capturing the images perfectly in portrait mode is included in the handset. Touch ID also supports the iPhone SE 2020. Take advantage of the deal before it goes out.

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