HP Omen X 2S: Dual Screen Gaming Laptop

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HP has announced its latest gaming laptop HP Omen X 2S that is specially designed with dual screen. The main display of the laptop comes with size of a 15-inch. Another display is of 6-inch which will also function as the touch pad and is built above the keyboard. The laptop comes up with the 9th generation of Intel Core i9 CPU as well as Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics. The device will provide a refresh of 240Hz.

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The dual screen of the HP Omen X 2S is specially built as the idea of a gaming laptop. It will function to enable both mirroring as well as multi-window features. The gamers can use other apps such as Twitch and Spotify on the small secondary monitor that is situated above the keyboard while the game is on. They can chat on the screen along with playing games on the main screen. The another main screen of the laptop is of 15-inch which is the primary screen. It comes with the resolution of 1080p along with refresh rate of 144Hz and resolution of 4K with refresh rate of 240Hz. Te laptop also comes with DDR4 RAM of 32GB.

The keyboard of the HP Omen X 2S comes with the RGB lighting just like other gaming laptops. We can customise the RGB lights on both the keyboard as well as on the Omen logo. The thickness of the laptop is 20mm and is of metal body. The thermal management technology of the laptop consists of three vents on three sides that will also support airflow on five ways. Also, a special liquid metal CPU thermal paste is present which will provide conductivity 10 times more than silicone grease. The starting price of the laptop is set to Rs. 1,48,000 for June release.

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