How to Check Ram Type / Brand , CPU Configuration , Bios Version , Mother board , Graphics Card ?

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How to Check Computer’s Configuration ?

  1. Ever Thought about Type / Brand / Capacity of Your Computer’s Ram ?
  2. Ever Thought about the Type / Brand / Capacity of Your CPU ?
  3. Bios , Mother Board , Graphics Card ?

So now Getting ready to Open your Computer’s parts to Know about them ?  No don’t do that , continue reading this article we will help you to do so .

There are some basic parts of any computer , you need to know about it for better functioning of it. Just like you should know about your vehicles parts so that you can handle emergency situations.

In present generation computer is used everywhere from our homes to railways station , schools , collages , offices , you can find it in every corner of the world. In IT sectors each and every thing is done using Computers. Computer is the basic requirement of every office. So we can say that computers are the back bone of the society and our future .

Questions related to hardware :

  1. How can I check my RAM manufacturer , speed , type ?
  2. How can i check the number of ram installed in my system ?
  3. Know about the type , capacity of my Graphic card
  4. How can i check the computers maximum ram support capacity ?
  5. How can i check processor speed of my computer ?
  6. Check the manufacturer name , Core  speed of my CPU
  7. How can i check the BIOS version ?

So there are so many Uncountable questions related to the Hardware of a computer , today we will find the answer of each and every question very simply .

There are tons of ways to get the answers of these questions , but the easiest way is to use a simple and easy to use software called :-


By using this software you can check each and every details of your hardware part without opening it .

You will get to know about your CPU’s type , capacity and manufacturer name without opening it .

You will get everything about the ram , its configuration , model number and its manufacture  name , year and its capacity and much more .


Even other details like Bios version , Graphics cards capacity and details and much more can be found using this software.


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