Apple’s smart credit card released

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The company Apple had introduced a new kind of a card just similar to a credit card. It is a first smart credit card designed by Apple. The importance of the card is that it houses on iPhone and all the functions can be carried out by the users through the iPhone. On the iPhone, the user need to install one app just to track the record of the smart credit card. The amount of money spent or added by the users can be tracked from the iPhone using that app without any logins. The tracking will be seen using a graph formed by colourful lines or bars such as green, red, orange, etc.

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If the user is buying anything from any of the store, the iPhone connected with the smart credit card will track the location as well as the name of the store in a map. That can also be kept as a record for further recognisation. This is very much helpful for the user to know from where which thing was bought and of how much amount. If the user clicks to any of the items that they have bought from many places number of times, it will show the lists of stores or the sites from where it was bought. The name of the seller and the shop owner will also be given.

Also, one of the best facility provided by the Apple smart card is that, for every item, no matter what so ever it is, cashback will be provided on each purchase. These cash will be saved in Apple Wallet that is provided within the app. It can be used by the users whenever they want from the Wallet. Like other apps, the user can send or receive money from friends either on the wallet or directly to the bank account attached to it. Even the Wallet money can be transferred to the bank account of the user. But the only thing is that, these facilities can only be provided through iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple watch.

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Suppose if the user wants to pay some money later, they can save it by providing the time and it will be paid automatically by Apple card on that time. It is just like your alarm clock. The iPhone can also help the user to calculate the interest of the money or how much money the user can spend on a particular item. Even various types of payment options will be shown to the user while paying an amount. Apple card also functions to remind the user about the due date of money. One of the best advantage in it is that, there is no extra charges to be paid by the user like they do for normal credit cards. In return, they aims to pay the interest amount back to the user against their money saved or spent. It also notifies the user if any fraud cases are carried out in their accounts.


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