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Google launched Android 11 Beta 2 for all Pixel compatible handsets. The latest update took Android 11 to the reliability mark of the Platform and now completes APIs and actions in Android 11. Google calls on developers to upgrade their apps to Android 11 and to prepare them for its official release in the third quarter. While the search giant has still not revealed Android 11 release date, it did suggest that the release date could be September 8. It means that the latest version of Android will be launched in just a few months.

The Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3A and Pixel 4 apps are released by Google on Android 11 Beta 2. You will then continue to download the new version of Android for testing purposes by owning one of these versions. By signing up for the Android Beta program, you can sign up for over-the-air updates. The Android team has also provided Pixel phone downloadable package that can be flashed with the Android Flash Tool. Including Google, other sellers of apps have not yet announced their intentions to update Android 11 Beta 2 on their phone. However, we can expect that they will soon make their major statements.

One of the major changes that the current beta release Android 11 Beta 2 introduces is its Stability Reach Platform, which debuted last month. The blog post of Dave Burke, VP of Technology, Android, said “Plateform reliability means all app-oriented surfaces and behavior is now done in Android 11. “This not only includes SDK and NDK final APIs, but also end-state device behaviors and non-SDK interfaces constraints which can affect apps. So from Beta 2, compatibility updates can be released with the optimism that the device will not change.

Because the Android team says that at the final stage of a new beta edition, developers are encouraged to start performance testing and release updates ahead of this version. It also focuses on accessibility of devices. This means Google has launched the latest beta version to provide developers with a foundation to ensure their apps run smoothly. Developers can either check their apps on Android 11 Beta 2 or on the most recent Android Studio emulator. Android 11 Beta 2 will not provide big enhancements to what we got in the last beta update to end users. However, you will receive a list of changes to improve the user experience.

Some of the notable changes in Android 11 Beta 2, as XDA Developers pointed out, is that the modified Pixel Launcher no longer provides transparency. In addition, the display configuration has a Smooth Display toggle which allows users to switch from 60 to 90Hz automatically to select content. As some Reddit users have noted, the new 90Hz option in the User Options menu has also been dropped. The default Android 11 Beta 2 screen recording option also has the ability to capture the internal audio of the app. It is in addition to the microphone option ‘s current audio recording. The latest feature can also be used to simultaneously record the audio of the unit and its microphone.

Google also removed some of the clutter from the Android 11 Beta 2 Share Sheet and created a pin icon for the sharing sheet applications. A new icon has also been created to launch a discussion in a bubble. Likewise, Allow bubble view apps now require conversations in bubbles to be viewed by default in all applications. The list of applications accepted is not actually too full of names like Facebook Messenger and the Google Messages program. This list does not contain any names.

You will also find that the PiP window has minimal reliability in it if you are among the early testers. You can also see different discussion environments. In addition, the new media player that appeared in the previous Android 11 Beta release was found by XDA Developers as standard in the Fast Settings row. This means that the Developer options menu is not required to allow the new design. Also, when you hit the play or pause button on the media player accessible from the Fast Settings screen, a new ripple animation effect occurs. Developers also have the “suspend operation for cache applications,” as XDA Developers note, cached application-freezer option. The Android team, however, still has to demonstrate its intent.

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