Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Updated as the best e-reader on 2018

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite was launched on 2013 and lastly upadated on 2015 which lasted for a longer in the marker of e-reader. Recently, it was updated on this month of 2018 which had refreshed the design of the device slightly. The updated version of the device is waterproof which had made it increase the price than the original.

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In the updated version of Kindle Paperwhite, the Wifi-only variant is available in 8GB of internal storage and is of Rs. 12,999 in cost. Also the LTE supported one is of 32GB of storage and Rs. 17,999 in cost. The new Kindle Paperwhite is lighter in weight and also thinner than the earlier one so it is easier to use with one hand. It is only available in black color variant.

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The device Kindle Paperwhite is made up of soft plastic and is given a smooth rubber-like finishing which makes it look attractive and also provides a comfortable grip. The front glass of the device is shinny and glossy where fingerprints and smudges remains longer. The curved edges of the device also provide nice grip on the hand. The device still allows us to use micro-USB port which cannot be improved the latest version. Instead the new version is using micro-USB of reversible USB-Type C.

The new Kindle Paperwhite screen is using E Ink Carta which was first introduced with the Kindle Paperwhite 2, and is 20% less reflective than the older E Ink Pearl screens. The resolution of the new device is 300ppi and is of 6-inch same as the earlier one. The display of the device supports sharp texts and the light spreads evenly at the edges of the screen. Apart from these, we can change the font type, font size, page width, orientation, and alignment according to our need. This new version is more user friendly than that of the earlier one.

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